Consider spending an hour adoring Our Lord Jesus in the Eucharist. Know that the Lord has called you to this special time of prayer and will bless you, your family, our parish, and our diocese in ways you can’t imagine.

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Testimonial Prayer from an adorer

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for leading me to accept

the invitation of praying

and being with you

one hour each week in Adoration.

You have brought me countless blessings

and a deeper relationship with you in this gift.

I am joyful to be a part of the Perpetual Adorers

not only during my hour

but in the bigger picture of membership

where someone is always praying for our world

and being in Your presence.

The sense of peace that I experience

not only during my hour but also ANYTIME I stop in

to pray with you in Our Ladies Chapel

is one that carries me through my days.

I love being able to share

my joys, worries, thanks, petitions, and self

with you in this blessed setting.

I ask that you send the Holy Spirit upon others in our parish

to open their heart and mind to accepting this invitation and committing to a time with you each week

that they too may experience the peace and joy

of spending time with you in your quiet and comforting home.

I thank you for the other Adorers

who want so much for others to experience this gift

and to open hearts to your peace-

please let this invitation to be accepted by all.



Mary Coates


Adoration is a gift to our parish, diocese and world.  Our bishop is required to ensure "sufficient numbers of adorers" are willing to ensure no hour goes without someone in attendance.  We encourage multiple people to sign up per hour so that they can work together to ensure their hour is covered.  Below is a graphic showing the hours of most need.  Please prayerfully consider signing up for one of the Yellow (if any red then red first) time slot because one person is trying to cover this hour alone (red means no one is signed up for the hour.) You can sign up by clicking on the grid and selecting "Weekly Commitment" then your hour prefered."  

Important Documents

Procedure if you cannot make your scheduled hour

You are responsible for the hour you signed up for: If you are not able to be at adoration at your assigned time, please do the following, in order:


1. Contact the other people who share your hour to ensure they know you plan to be gone and ask if they will cover for you. If at least one will be there, you are done.


2. If not, then contact a relative or friend and ask them to cover your hour.


3. Ask the adorers who are signed up before and after your hour if they could cover an additional hour.

4.  If none of the above are successful, use the sub finder in Adoration Pro – the password is available in your weekly reminder, from an admin at, or by asking for it at the Cathedral Rectory Office, 605-342-0507.

5. As a very last resort, call 431-7970 and ask a Priest for help.

 If you need more information regarding covering your hour, call the Cathedral office (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Thursday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Friday– 605-342-0507).