The Cathedral has been offering electronic tithing to the parishioners at the Cathedral and Hermosa parishes.  Electronic tithing offers you the convenience of setting an amount that you wish to pay once or twice a month and the Cathedral will withdraw that amount for you.  This option will give you the convenience of tithing each month while you are out of town or celebrating mass in another parish.


You will still continue to get the contribution envelopes but now it will have a statement with a box that can be checked to indicate that you electronically tithe.  All special collections for holy days will not be done through e-tithing so I encourage you to use your envelopes for those special collections.


Click here to download the Electronic Tithing Authorization.  The top part of the form will be for your records so you can keep track of the amount and the date that the money will be withdrawn from your account.  The bottom part of the form will need to be returned to the Parish Administrator, Beth Strain, along with a voided check.  Please complete the entire form including the bottom portion which indicates how much of your payment you want to put toward the regular weekly collection, maintenance fund and the seminarian fund. 


If you have any questions regarding the e-tithing option, please contact Beth Strain at the Rectory office, 605-342-0507 ext. 15 or email beth@cathedralolph.org.


Monthly Financial Statements


Thank you for all your generous contributions!