Alzheimer's and Dementia Information Day

The workshop was a big success and below are the power points from the different presentations that were given by speakers. Feel free to reference these documents.

Homebound Communion Ministry

Contact Judy Hasenohrl—342-0507 ext. 14

What:  Bring Communion to parishioners who are homebound.

When:  Once a week with a flexible schedule between minister and homebound person.

Talent needed:  Has received Sacrament of Confirmation, has love for Eucharist, is comfortable meeting people and building a relationship.  Training is provided.


Hospital Communion Ministry

Contact Fr. Ed Vanorny—342-0507 ext 24

What:  Share your love of Eucharist by bringing Christ to patients at the hospital and in Hospice House.  Perhaps you were a patient and came to know the blessing of Christ’s presence.

When:  Flexible visitation during the day or early evening; weekly or every other week. 

Talent needed:  Received Sacrament of Confirmation, comfortable visiting with those who are ill.  Communion ministers come from local Catholic parishes. No medical background is necessary and training is provided.


Catholic Companion

Contact Judy Hasenohrl—342-0507 ext 14 

What:  You are the presence of God reaching out to members of our parish family by visiting persons who have limited contact with family or friends.

When:  Flexible schedule with the person you are visiting.

Talent needed:  Comfortable meeting people and building a relationship.  Do what you know best by visiting or praying, reading scripture, playing cards, writing letters, etc. Training is provided.


Prayer Chain

Contact Delores Conway, Coordinator—605-431-5218

What:  This is a ministry for everyone who prays!  People give their prayer intentions to the coordinator.  The intentions are passed to those persons who pray on the chain. You may choose to receive and pass prayer intentions via telephone or receive prayer intentions via email without passing the intentions to others. 

When: Prayer intentions are passed as they are received, usually one to two times each week.

No Special Talent Needed: You are invited to include these intentions in your daily devotions, at Mass, or in Adoration.


Greeting Card Ministry

Contact Kathy Cordes, Coordinator – 605-209-4226

What:  Send cards to lonely or grieving parishioners on holidays, birthdays and other occasions. Sending a card reminds people that God and our church have not forgotten them.

When:  Throughout the year from your home.

Talent needed:  Ability to write and mail cards.


Assistant at Facility Mass

Contact Fr. Ed Vanorny—342-0507 ext 24 

What:  Help the priest prepare and celebrate Mass in supported apartment complexes, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes.

When:  Monday and/or Thursday afternoons.  May assist once a month or more as your availability allows.

Talent needed: Awareness of the gift of Mass and Eucharist, comfortable meeting and visiting with residents.


Meal Ministry

Contact Marge Kovarik—342-1137

What:  Provide an occasional meal to parishioners with health struggles or other difficult circumstances.

When:  Two or three times a year as your time allows.

Talent needed:  Ability to provide food and prepare a meal. You may choose to deliver the meal or your meal will be delivered by another person.


Ministry of Comfort (Grief) Team

Contact Judy Hasenohrl—342-0507 ext. 14

What:  Support those who have lost a loved one by contact by telephone or in person, or you may assist behind the scenes by sending cards, organizing gatherings, or assisting with other projects. Training is provided.  

When:  Monthly Saturday morning planning meetings and individual personal contact with bereaved persons.

Talent needed:  Gifts of compassion and listening.



Rosary Devotion Leaders

Contact Pam Ekberg, Coordinator—719-9669

What:  Lead rosary devotion in a small group setting with persons who are infirm, elderly or lonely.

When: Weekly on a day and time that is agreeable to the facility and the rosary leaders.  Leaders work in teams of two.  Leaders may choose to lead the rosary together each week or lead alternate weeks; leaders can alternate around absences, etc. to maintain the weekly schedule.

Talent needed:  Compassion, a strong voice, and the desire to pray to Jesus through Mary.  Training as well as rosaries and prayer pamphlets are provided.


Prayer Shawl Ministry

Contact Margaret Smith, Coordinator – 343-2511

What:  Make shawls for people who are chronically or terminally ill, who are lonely or grieving, or with other needs.  While making a shawl you pray for the person who will receive the shawl.

When:  At your leisure at home.  You may enjoy meeting and sharing ideas with other shawl makers at shawl maker socials.

Talent needed:  Ability to knit or crochet.


Rosary Makers

Contact Dorothy DeBell, Coordinator—721-3542

What:  Hand make bead and cord rosaries.  Training provided.  Rosaries will be used by parishioners, by patients in the hospital, homebound persons, and missions around the world.

When:  At your leisure at home.

Talent needed:  Hand dexterity and good eye sight.


Adviser to Health Care Ministry

Contact Judy Hasenohrl—342-0507 ext. 14

What: Discern the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of our church family and assist the Parish Nurse to coordinate and develop ministries. Current ministries: bringing Eucharist to persons in the hospital or at home, visiting people, praying with the Prayer Chain, providing an occasional meal, sending greeting cards, leading the Rosary at facilities, supporting persons in their loss of a loved one, and making prayer shawls or rosaries.

Talent needed:  Desire to be the hands of Jesus.  Persons with or without health care backgrounds are invited. 

Time Commitment:  Attend the Committee meeting the 2nd Monday of each month from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm, and as time allows, participate in ministries.